Leased vehicle tires is just another thing to worry when you're dealing with lease financing. Once you return the vehicle whenever your lease ends the dealer will need to conduct an inspection of the automobile. There are a few wear and tear issues that most inspectors may overlook or consider and you can probably get away with some lease penalties. But how do you ensure that you don’t get to pay so much, if at all, before your car gets inspected? How do you ensure your car is ready for the inspection? 

Check on these things before giving the vehicle back to the dealer: 

¥Check the lease agreement before obtaining the car. Do you agree with the set conditions and terms? Are the issues clearly mentioned? Do you accept what they consider normal wear and tear? There are many variations of what is considered normal wear and tear and this all depends on the dealer. Depending on the dealer scratches and those minor miscellaneous damages is okay, but to another dealer they may have a different set of conditions. However, they do want the car within the same condition they leased it away for, so if there are missing headlights or even big dents, they will charge extra. Read all these properly and be sure you read them again when it’s time to return your leased vehicle. 

¥ Check the car yourself and write down any concern that you may have. When returning the vehicle makes sure to have it totally cleaned up and removes your entire stuff. It is a good idea to fix any scratches or anything you could have caused before returning the vehicle. If you need to change your leased vehicle tires, do it rather than incur huge penalties. There are plenty of tire coupons to make the new tires cheaper. Although, you do not want to repair the car if it costs more than the lease penalties itself, you can find this out by taking the car to a mechanic and asking how much he thinks the price would be. From there it is obvious what type to pay. 

¥Check on the small things too just like the filters and wiper fluid, if it is in the agreement needless to say.

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